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Women of Kalevala is a modern take on the Finnish national epic - Kalevala. With its stories modernised and made relevant to our times, I decided to take three stories from the epic and completely re-work their stories.

For example, there is the story of Aino, a woman whose brother gives her away to an older man without her permission. There is Louhi, a mother who fails to see what her daughter really wants and because of her values, she makes her daughters life a living hell. Then there is the mother of Lemmink√§inen. Lemmink√§inen is a famous warrior who sadly meets a very bitter end and when he does, his mother ends up travelling to the depths of hell to find her son in order to bring him back to life.

This project was partially funded through crowdfunding project at Indiegogo and a grant received from Suomi-seura. The play was performed at the Finnish Church in London in 2015.